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2201 Greenbank Road, Nepean,
Ottawa, Ontario
K2J 4Y6

Phone: +1 613-825-2766

Categories: Gas station Car wash

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    Car wash says it has an under spray in the regular and ultimate car wash but it does not even have one installed in the car wash. They lie about that. Was disappointed because I wanted the wash to wash the salt of the undercarriage of my car. I didn’t feel or see the under spray so after I got out stomach on the ground to check and it was not only dry but still dirty and salty on the whole underside of my car. I went back in and told them and he thought there was even though I explained there clearly wasn’t. But gave me a re-wash right away which was good but didn’t help the fact really. Good customer service but a little false advertising if you ask me. And the underside is most important to get clean. I do a lot of mechanics and know how much the salt in Ottawa can destroy all parts on ur car. If you don’t care about the underside of your car then wash does a great job and the weather guarantee is also nice. Car wash itself gets 2 stars and store and service gets 4 for an average of 3 stars.
    by Josh Best-Green
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    These guys expect you to pay for diagnostic maintenace and fail to show any accountability for there mistakes. Instead they lie and cheat . In my case I brought it there to fix a gas smell that came from my old truck. They told me it needed a tune up. I specifically and succinctly confirmed with the service rep and their manager before authorizing the 800 dollar tune, that there recommendation would fix the critical problem. They confirmed...The very next day I called back telling them the smell was back and no improvement..They told me to drive it for a week. After 4 weeks and calling them weekly they told me to bring it back..I brought it back and they dropped the gas tank and discovered it was a broken gas line. I told them about the history and authorized the repair and the smell is now gone. When I attempted to ask for refund or inshore credit from service manager he told me that he use to be a mechanic and these things happen and he would not make any concessions and i would need to escalate to their head office. I had tried to contact store owner and he would not call me back, I have since filed a complaint with head office. During my discussions with service manager they would deny and discredit the discussion I had with them . Be careful when dealing with these guys as they fully expect to have you pay for diagnostic work and did not show any integrity when it comes to standing behind what they do. i later went to put gas in my vehicle after that had allegedly fixed the problem, only to discover that gas poured into nozzle and right onto ground. They had forgotten to reconnect overflow and main gas tube to tank. I got stuck paying for a tow and gas bar clean up and had to prove to the authorities my vehicle was safe..These guys are incompetent and their service manger is a cheat..STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE..
    by Frank Grandinetti
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